NUS Edmund Tay Dental Sleep Medicine Course, Singapore, July 2021

Ten Years of Pharyngoplasty, Webinar Course, Rome, Italy, June 2021

Upper Airway Surgery OSA IRCAD Course. October 2019. Strasbourg. France

Asean ENT Congress August 2019 Dr Kenny delivers lecture on his introduction SLEEP-GOAL, New Surgical Outcomes

Japanese Dental Sleep Medicine Symposium. Singapore. August 2019.

Dental Sleep Medicine, ETMH Distinguished Speakers. Singapore March 2019.

American Academy ENT Annual Meeting. Dr Pang speaking on Advanced Palate Surgery and Tongue Surgery October 2018. Atlanta. USA.

Dental Sleep Medicine Symposium 2018, Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, August 2018.

Dental Sleep Medicine, ETMH Distinguished Speakers. Singapore. July 2018.

Italian Sleep Disorders Society Course June 2018, Bologna, Italy.

International Sleep Surgical Society March 2018, Munich, Germany.

Indian OSA Society, Dr Pang as Distinguished Guest. November 2017, Hyderabad. India.

American Academy of ENT. Dr Pang conducted 4 mini seminars. Chicago. September 2017

Keynote Lecture. University of Sydney. July 2017. Australia.

ENT world Congress. IFOS. June 2017. Paris.

International Surgical Sleep Society. Los Angeles. USA. May 2017.

Dental Sleep Medicine, Inaugural Edmund Tay Distinguished Speakers. Singapore. March 2017

The Spain Sleep Surgery Course Madrid, Spain, February 2017

The EUROSAS Sleep Surgery Course, Rimini, Italy, September 2016

The Middle Eastern Otolaryngology ENT Sleep Course, Dubai, May 2016

The 7th ISSS International Surgical Sleep Society, São Paulo, Brazil March 2016

The Empress Convention Center, Chiang Mai Thailand 2015

16th Asean ORC-HNS Congress, 11-13th November 2015

Dallas, American Academy 2015

Dr Pang conducted 5 miniseminar and instructional courses

Seoul, Korea, World Sleep Congress March 2015

Dr Pang invited to speak on "Advances in Oro-Pharyngeal Sleep Apnea Surgery"

Hyderabad, India, Indian Association of Sleep Apnea Surgeons, Jan 2015

Dr Pang conducts 3 full day course on Sleep Apnea Medicine/Surgery, Dr Pang receives a Gold Medal for his achievements, and his Oration

Bangalore, India, Indian Association of Sleep Apnea, Oct 2014

Dr Pang receives prestigious Gold Medal award for his achievements

Detroit, International Surgical Sleep Society, Oct 2014

Dr Pang presents his Expansion Pharyngoplasty

Orlando, Florida / American Academy Sept 2014

Dr Pang conducted Palate and Tongue surgery seminar and instructional courses

Vancouver, Canada / American Academy Oct 2013

Dr Pang conducted 2 miniseminars and 2 instructional courses

IFOS World Congress/Seoul Korea June 2013

Dr Pang delivered lecture on soft tissue surgery in OSA

Malaysia / Malaysian Sleep Society March 2013

Dr Pang delivered plenary lecture on evolution of OSA

USA Washington / American Academy Sept 2012

Dr Pang conducted 2 instructional courses on Palate Surgery & Tongue Surgery

International Sleep Surgery Society, Venice, Italy, March 2012

Dr Pang delivered the lecture on Nose Surgery and Palate Surgery in OSA

USA / San Francisco / American Academy Sept 2011

Dr Pang delivered lecture on "Tongue Base Surgery in OSA & Advanced Palate Surgery in OSA"

Forli / Italy Robotic Sleep Apnea Surgery Attachment Jan & Feb 2011

USA / Boston / American Academy October 2010

Dr Pang delivered the important lecture on "Surgical Guidelines in Sleep Apnea Surgery"

Italy / Rimini ENT / Sleep Conference May 2010

Turkey ENT / Sleep Conference April 2010

Vietnam Asean ENT / Sleep Conference March 2010

Dubai ENT / Sleep Conference Feb 2010

ENT Asean Congress Cambodia Courses 2009

Hong Kong Courses 2009

Japan Courses 2009

Australian Courses 2008

Hong Kong Courses 2008

Thailand Courses