An Innovative Surgeon

Dr Pang Dr Pang pioneered a method of surgery which makes the throat cavity larger, thereby helping patients with snoring problems gets a good night's sleep. SPH, The Straits Times


The Sleep Surgery Courses are important and aim to aid the interested doctor and specialists to better understand the entire concept of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Surgery. It would cover: the pathophysiology of sleep apnea, the spectrum of sleep disorders, the role of sleep medicine in metabolic diseases and obesity, the concept of sleep apnea and oxidative stress to the body, the diagnostic tests in sleep apnea, the concept of a home based sleep study, the results in a sleep tests, the various modes of treatment in sleep apnea/snoring, the role of CPAP in snoring/sleep apnea, the place of oral appliances in sleep apnea, the type of snoring/sleep apnea/upper airway surgery available, latest advancements in sleep apnea/snoring surgery, the role of the nose and surgery in sleep apnea, the expansion pharyngoplasty and the uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, the anterior palatoplasty, the tongue base surgery, the peri-operative monitoring in sleep apnea, what is success criteria in snoring/sleep apnea surgery and how and why we treat patients with sleep apnea.


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A website dedicated to teaching, education, awareness and advancement in the field of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Surgery. To aid and guide doctors and specialists interested in the field of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Surgery. For interested doctors and specialists to reach out and encourage more clinical research and evidence based medicine.